Monday, May 5, 2008

Race completed

With a DNF after only two laps in the Elite W Race on Saturday, it was apparent to me that I was a little 'out of my league'... a DNS would have been easy to do on Sunday. For whatever reason, I was actually happier and more relaxed to line up at the start line again on Sunday morning for a bit more 'punishment'. Sunday was the combined Elite W and U19 W Race, and it was going to be a tough one with some 'big hitters' there (including Kirsty Broun - Australian 2007 Criterium Champion and winner of yesterday's race; and Megan Dunn - winner of the 2008 Jayco Bay Classic). As expected, it was tough! Those girls can climb!!!

On the long climb out to Mooball, a group of 8 of us were 'dropped' but then some hard work by all managed to get us quickly back to the main peloton right at the turn around point. Being back within the main group gave us a nice short 'rest' but then the climb back out tested everyone. I was conscious of the fact I needed to be up in the first half of the group during the climbs so as not to lose contact by the top, but it just didn't work. My climbing is just not as fast and strong as it needs to be to keep up... so I was out of touch of the main group again by the last 1/3 of the long climb. A dropped chain after the crest of the climb made sure I well and truly out of 'reach', but I still chased as hard as I could! Just before Stokers Siding I managed to catch up with Sarah from TIS, and we worked strongly together for the remainder of the race (about 35km's or so). Despite not finishing with the main bunch, it was a great race to be part of, and it was fantastic to complete it!

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