Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lighter than air

This post has to start with a huge THANKS to Fusion Cycles (Matt Easton and Adrian Booth) for helping me get hold of one of these bikes.
Owning a light, fast, carbon hardtail MTB has been a goal for a while now, but I just didn't think I was 'good enough' to get such a sleek racing bike. After a lot of internal dialogue, I finally bought one with the help of Fusion Cycles.
I took it for its first ride at Gap Creek on Wednesday (in between an early morning road ride and racing a criterium in the afternoon!)...
Lucky I had the day off to spend so much time on the bikes!

The Scale 30 is amazing. (I had the 30 model upgraded with XT brake levers and shifters, so it is more similar to the Scale 20 now.)
I have never felt the need to write a bike review, but I just have to put it in writing, that this bike makes you really feel like you are floating across the ground.
Singletrack riding and any sort of climbing are almost effortless with this bike! Maybe this is partly because I was used to my heavier dual-suspension MTB, but this new bike makes mountain biking a real pleasure. I always enjoyed riding trails before, but the Scale has now made it just awesome.


Groover said...

Nice bike. :-)

MattDogTraining said...

I have bike envy !!!

Trickle said...

Spose its ok for a girls bike :-P

Nice purchase Nat, just what we needed... you quicker on the dirt!!! Enjoy

Bubble said...

Where was my invite to go riding ?

Rach said...

shut your guts bubble, you don't even ride anymore.
awesome Bike Nat, look forward to seeing you flying!