Sunday, January 25, 2009

Endurance and intensity

Not much blogging lately...
just too busy working and riding!
I am slowly finding all my 'lost' intensity and endurance again, and putting in as much effort as I can to be consistent with the training.
It must be 6 or 8 weeks of 'better' training now, and I am finally starting to feel like I am getting somewhere. Racing every week, getting out on the bike almost every day, and doing those darn hill repeats every week was difficult to start with because I knew how much slower I had become. Now I (almost) don't even think about it. I just concentrate on pedalling. Yep the hills hurt and the intensity hurts, but that's the point. Becoming 'comfortable' with the hurt. Plus hurt = improvements. Races are always going to hurt... so I better keep practising!

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