Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Qld Champs & some more learning

So while the current ‘heat wave’ was hitting SE Qld in the last week or so, this weekend it was also time for the annual Qld State Road C’Ships. I must say that 12 months ago I would not even have thought of lining up in this race with the other Elite girls, but things change, and here I was. We had just over 100km to race around Kalbar (just west of Beaudesert/Boonah); with 1 small lap first, and then 3 ‘big laps’ (with a reasonably tough climb on each of the ‘big laps’ dubbed by some as ‘The Wall’… not sure it is really that bad, but it definitely does hurt the more times you have to go over it). Simone and Louise were again in fine form (and again created a classic two person break). Even in the stifling conditions, they well deservedly earned themselves a first and second place. Only four girls out of ten finished the race. My result… a DNF.

I felt good, I had my climbing legs with me, but I had made some ‘fatal’ mistakes even before the race started by not hydrating properly that morning (especially on such a hot day). About 55km into the race (on our second time over ‘The Wall’) I had such horrible cramps in all my leg muscles (and even in my hands) that I just had to retire… that’s racing.
There were some amazing performances in the other mens’ and womens’ races all day… just to complete the race was a challenge as the day got hotter. One result in particular I have to mention, was Andy Patten’s win in the MMAS3 category… well earned after all the training he does week in and week out (and so nice after he missed out last year with second place).
As I contemplate ‘what went wrong’ (and what went right) in my particular race, I thought I would steal this advice from Joe Friel (www.trainingbible.com)...
“Athletes must realize that there are many factors that influence your readiness on race day, such as diet/hydration, sleep/rest and lifestyle stress. We're all biological organisms, not machines. Regardless of how well we manage things, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. That's simply the way the real world is for humans.”

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A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Hey Nat, Well done for giving it a go I say. Hydration is so important for races like this. Although, how were we to know there was going to be a heat wave? I started hydrating for that race on Friday and still found it a struggle. We live and learn.