Thursday, May 27, 2010

What happened to May?

I feel like it was only last week that it was the end of April, and I had a month to go to Metro champs... well suddenly they are on this weekend, and I honestly don't know what happened to the last month!

Yes, I have been busy, both at work and with cycling (and I was sick with the flu for a few weeks too), but I still don't exactly know how the time has gone so fast again!

As a quick summary, the Canberra tour with the Bundaberg Sugar "Sweet As" Team was just awesome to say the least; and the recent State criterium championships at Nundah was a great race too (and not just because Simone won!!!).  Not to mention that before we even left for Canberra, Ang won at Murarrie and Nik won at Lakeside!  But it's definitely not all about winning...

With Nik and myself now 'officially' becoming team members, it has opened up a whole new world of team experiences and challenges, while both training and racing.
I really can't say enough about all the girls (Angie, Brielle, Nik, Sal & Simone), and our amazing management and support crew (Dave, Wayne, TP & Jason).  The trip to Canberra and our few recent races together have started to show me more about the meaning of team identity, spirit and belonging.

For a more detailed report, take some time out and go to:
to read Sal's Canberra report and Brie's State criterium report.

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Miff said...

There you are! ;-)
Congratulations to you and Nik joining the Sweet As Team.
Wishing you a 'sweet' journey!
Miff ;-)