Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink and Silver

Last week was an interesting week to say the least!  And I am not sure if anything happened as I anticipated it would... but I'm definitely not complaining.
The "theme" of the week for me ended up being one of pink and silver...
which nicely tied things together for me since they are the main colors of the Amy Gillett Foundation.

For starters, I was treated to a stunning pink-orange sunrise along the Redcliffe Peninsula and Sandgate waterfronts on several mornings this week.  Just incredible colors.  Even better when the weather forecast predicted rain, and you wake up and head outside to see such a beautiful skyline instead.

Then as the "reserve" cyclist for the Bundaberg Sugar (Balmoral Cycling Club) Time Trial Team for the Qld State Championships on Sunday, I was really expecting not to be needed.  However, as (bad) luck would have it, Sal Robbins was still very ill, so I was called upon to race in her spot.  No pressure or anything!...
I have to give a h-u-g-e thanks to my team mates Simone, Angeline and Brielle for being fantastically accomodating and patient with me... I am still a massive TT novice!... having only done 4 ITT's before, and having no real TTT experience, I had a very steep learning curve, and they were really very supportive despite the last minute changes to their team.  Thankfully though, after lots of "tips" on what to and not to do, we managed a fantastic Second place, to claim the Silver Medals in the women's elite TTT event.

And then for my last bit of 'unexpected' news... the Sweet As/Bundaberg Sugar Team has been invited to race at the Herald Sun World Cycling Classic in Ballarat this Sunday.  We are very priviledged to be able to ride in this event, and it will be an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime thing for me.  Quite daunting really but an experience I am unlikely to get another chance at, so I need to make the most of it!


Groover said...

Awesome stuff. Very proud of you. Congrats on the medal and good luck for Ballarat. And also great to hear that your health is back full throttle! :-)

Miff said...

Seems your theme has silver linings ;-)
Well done on silvery week.
As Groover says, awesome and proud for you. Right ON!
So full throttle on the world stage hey ;-)
Miff ;-X

nat said...

thanks so so much Sandra and Miff... now that I am here in Victoria it is really sinking in!... will do my absolute best!