Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grafton eve

Saturday October 23rd... if you are a keen cyclist, you may have had this date in your diary for many months already... and now... well... Grafton-Inverell is THIS weekend!

This will be my second year racing in the women's event; this time as part of the Bundaberg Sugar/Sweet As Team, rather than as a solo rider as I did last year.  So long as the weather holds out (no hail nor sleet, and no evil headwinds nor snow thanks), it should be another interesting day of racing.  A strong field of girls will be lining up.

A good friend of mine gave me some motivational quote cards this week to help inspire me for my next set of races/rides/training and beyond (... thank you so much, they do help!) -
and I found this one particularly relevant for this weekend.
"There is only one thing for us to do,
and that is to do our level best
right where we are,
every day of our lives".

During this taper week, I also had the privilege of a 'guided cycling tour' of some parts of the Sunshine Coast hinterland which I (surprisingly) never knew existed until now... including some helpful short cuts!!!
Embarrassingly it seems I was taking the 'long way around' in a few instances!  One of my next goals is to learn more about where to ride on the Sunny Coast.

This weekend also marks the only "TWO weeks to go" point to the AGF's "Share The Road" 800km Tour.
Yep... this is another hint...  please donate... please. :)

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