Friday, November 26, 2010

Highlights from STRT 2010

Keep it short and sweet.  That was the plan.  I was thinking about writing a summary of each of the 6 days for my blog.  As I started it in my head, I soon realised this was never going to work... so much happened each day, that I would need to write a short novel if I was going to do any justice to the super week I had.
Instead, I will leave you all with a few photos from the trip, and a summary, not of the time riding, but of the fantastic people I had the pleasure to meet, ride with, and chat to during the STRT.

Because what I realised is that what made the trip memorable for me, were the people involved.  Sure, the countryside was great, and the bike riding was fun, and the places we stayed at were awesome. 

More awe inspiring for me though were the people I got to ride beside and behind and infront of each day; and chat to at dinner and breakfast. 

What a diverse group of individuals to meet; but united within the common cause to help make our roads safer.  I was surprised by how different each rider was (such unique backgrounds and careers; and unique family and life situations), but how well we all "jelled" together in the first two days.  No-one was "above" anyone else, and everyone helped each other out whenever they could. 

Yes there sure were some tough days in the saddle, but even after the 'minor' frustrations of hot days, flat tyres, rough off-road sections, sticky mud, getting lost (even with a gps!), and sore legs, everyone managed smile and a laugh and a story at the end of the day. 

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you:
Simon Gillett, Rachael Kininmonth, Steve Hodge, Phil Anderson, Mary & Dennis Safe, Rochelle Gilmore, Rachel Neylan, Carla Ryan, Felicity Dales, Lindy Hayward, Kayt Edwards, Matt Dimattina, Duncan Murray, Rhys Gillett, Ned Draydon, Matt Pringle, Ken Kroeger, Michael Scott, Paul Hardwick, Paul O'Dwyer, Rob Keogh, Marg Grant, Andy Sheats, James Hannam, Ian Carpenter, David Moffatt, Steve Cesinger, Kieran Hogan, Matt White, Andrew Tanner, Michael Price, David Gillett, Tony & Tracey Gaudry.
(Special thanks to Steve Hodge for the above photos!)

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