Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carly Hibberd RIP

Like many Brisbane cyclists, I heard the sad news this morning that Carly Hibberd had died after being hit by a car while on a ride in Italy.  I didn't know her personally very well, but I do know she has many close friends and family in Brisbane who will dearly miss her. 

For me, she was an amazing role model and an incredibly nice person.  She was already strongly riding in A grade (competing locally and in NRS events) while I was struggling to advance from C to B grade.  I remember watching in awe as she raced at local events such as the Noosa and Southbank criteriums. 

In particular, I remember the two person breakaway with Carly and Kirsty (Broun) in the 2007 Australian Criterium Champs (Southbank Grand Prix), that stayed away to the end of the race, despite all odds that it would end up being "just another" bunch sprint. 

Carly seemed to me to be a gutsy rider who put everything into her racing and training.  I was fortunate enough to race with her a few times at local criteriums at Nundah and Murrarie, and even though she really had no idea who I was, she was always happy to say hello and even offer some racing advice.  I will always remember after one race at Murrarie, out of the blue she said to me, "You raced well today, but remember to keep your cadence up during the race since it will help a lot with your performance."  There was no "reason" for her to give me the slightest time of day, but she did it all the same. 

I know Carly was also friends with many local female Brisbane cyclists, and was a mentor for those moving up from the junior to senior racing circles.  A kind hearted, beautiful person. 
Thanks to Ben Manson for the photos.

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Flying High said...

Hi Nat,

Cameron (her Fiance) here....just found this blog by accident. Thank you for the beautiful words. Carly will be dearly missed and it is refreshing to hear the volume of support in these difficult times.