Monday, September 19, 2011

Power... finally...

After considering it for over 18 months, I finally splashed out and bought myself a power meter a few weeks ago... with Sram/Quarq cranks (... thanks Velo Bicycles). 

It seems to be working well (very easy to use with my Garmin Edge 500), and the data so far is quite interesting, especially from my last few races at murrarie, synergy and pimpama.  All I can say is that a thousand watts is a lot of power... (I will be lucky to ever hit that number!)... and I have a new found respect for riders such as Cancellara who can put out huge numbers well above 1000 watts. 

Now I just have to go through the process of setting the zones, and finding my FTP (with help from coach Nick Formosa).  Unfortunately (since I really dislike time trials) this involves quite a few hard efforts this week, including a 30 minute TT.  Oh well, at least once it is all done, I will have some more useful numbers to base my future training on!

And on a slightly different topic, but still within the cycling theme, good luck to all the Australians at the UCI world champs in Denmark this week!!!

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