Monday, December 19, 2011

More supplements to take...

Quick update since last week... seems that my iron levels are all fine.  What I neglected to notice was that I wasn't getting enough magnesium with my "normal" diet.  Hence this week I have been back onto (my "favorite") pineapple Endura,
lots of foods high in magnesium (spinach, almonds, beans, whole grains, fish, apricots, and even dark chocolate)

and the occasional extra supplement.

In addition to the magnesium deficiency, I have also been diagnosed with early Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  My mother had this endocrine problem, and if you have been reading other cycling blogs, you may recall that both Nikki and Sandra have been through it too. 

So onto another medication (which conveniently may NOT be taken at the same time as my iron supplements)... but hopefully in a few weeks / months everything will be back in order.  :)


Groover said...

Sorry to hear, girl. At least you know and you'll be racing as strong as ever, you just need to be a little patient for now. BTW: I had my regular six monthly blood test last week and guess what? I've developed an iron deficiency now. Ironic, hey!?

(... and my word verification is "bless". No kidding!)

nat said...

Yes Iron..ic! :)
Low iron and thyroid stuff hey... who would have guessed!