Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strength to strength

QSM girls are on the up and up this season.  Last weekend, at the third (and final) race of the Crestmead Summer Series, Jemma (women B&C combined) made an incredible comeback to win the final sprint.  She collected enough points (along with her win from week 1) to win the overall series!

Pensar/Hawk girls rode well again to wrap up their winning streak in women A, but this was not without some keen opposition again from the Riders Morningside girls, QSM and others.  I even managed a 6th place... not bad for a non-sprinter.  :)

Since last week, QSM/Upper Limb/DWBH have recruited yet another strong rider for 2012. 

Maddison Vit now joins us along with our core team of Jane Walker, Corissa Smith, Claire Trembath, Nikki Orlic, Jemma Brown, Jane Youdan (and myself).  Bring on some autumn and winter racing!

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