Monday, March 4, 2013

Ausenco Summer Series #1

Round one of the Ausenco Crestmead Summer Series of criteriums was held on Sunday.  With torrential rain the previous day, the light rain on Sunday almost made the day feel "fine" in comparison.  Luckily the series is held on an excellent circuit, with fast drainage.  This first round was also the Logan Cycling Cup for 2013.

With teams from Pensar-SPM, Campos-Avalon, and QSM Racing, along with women from Crino, QAS, Riders Morningside and Lifecycle, it was always going to be a good race, even in the rain.

Our team goals have changed a bit this year, and we were determined to get a girl in the break this race.  Rather than being on the defensive as a smaller team, we were going to throw everything we could at this race.  With Jemma, Jessica and myself on the start line, we attacked as much as we could from early on.

Surprisingly early into the race, I was already in a break with two other girls (Jenelle from Pensar, and Sally from Campos), and we had a fair gap on the main bunch.  I looked at my Garmin at this point and thought to myself "this is way too early" for a break to stay away, but we kept up the turns just in case this was going to be "the one".  Britt (Crino) bridged to us shortly after, and Jemma (QSM) also.  We still had a fair gap on the bunch at this point.

Sally, Jenelle and Jemma were riding strongly and were determined to keep the pace high.

They each put in some strong turns, and Britt and I soon found ourselves back in the main bunch, leaving the three of them to battle it out to the end.

Since all 3 major teams now had a single rider in the break, there was not a lot of need to chase the break down.  In the last corner, Jemma seemed to be forced to the front to lead out, with Sally putting in a powerful attack to get to the finish line, but Jenelle was firmly on her wheel and came around to claim first in the last few centimeters.  Well done to all for a fast-paced but safe race in the less-than-ideal conditions.

Well done also to our two B grade ladies in the other concurrent race (Jane Youdan and Kerry Westwood) who both had an enjoyable race, and attacked to the best of their abilities.  That's what it's all about.

Thanks also to Brad Gooda for the photos.

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