Friday, September 5, 2014

Qld masters state road champs 2014

Why blog when someone else can do it for you?  ;)
My posts have been absent of late, partly due to keen blogger Danny Graves of ESi Photography doing some work for me...
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More recently though were the Qld State road champs last weekend.  These races once again demonstrated the growth in women's cycling in the last 12 months.  Back in 2011, I raced this course with 4 other starters.  This year, there were 25 women on the start line!
The race was tough and tactical from the start.  After one lap there were still many contenders in the field, and the eventual winners needed to put the "hurt on" during the second lap to see who would stay and who would not.
Congratulations to all the ladies who raced with me.  It was a good day out, and even better if you happened to come home with a medal!
On Sunday, Koiled-Tineli rider Cat Newell (winner of my grade WMAS2) did the "double" by winning the Elite women's race also.  A tremendous result! :)

Final results for Masters Women from Saturday were:
 1 42W Brooke SHEPPEARD Kirsty Broun Racing 1:43:57
 2 41W Julia RUSSELL CC Skyhig ST
 3 43W Hannah TOHILL Kirsty Broun Racing +03:02

 1 74P Catriona NEWEL Koiled Tineli 1:43:5
 2 75P Corissa SMITH Campos-Tel2 +0:02
 3 73P Natalie LANGER Kangaroo Point C ST

 1 8G Nicky ROLLS Balmoral Cycle Club 1:43:56
 2 5G Dyane HANNAN Dat#3 Symantec Racing Team +0:01
 3 4G Faye GOODYEAR Lifecyle Cycling Club ST

 1 91Y Mandy NEWMAN Sunshine Coast CC 1:46:59
 1 52W Linda WHITE MB Cycles 1:43:59
 2 50W Sue CRUICKSHANK Kirsty Broun Racing +08:19
 3 51W Julie RAPPO Wynum Redlands Cycling Club ST
 1 80P Clare JOHNSTON Gold Coast Cycling Club 2:0:43

And then Sunday...
 1 53G Catriona NEWELL Koiled Tineli 2:35:01
 2 52G Lucy KENNEDY CC Skyhig ST
 3 51G Kim HOGARTH Uni Cycle Club ST
 4 54G Nikolina ORLIC Koiled Tineli
 5 56G Claire TREMBATH Specialzed Securito

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