Monday, January 28, 2008


Lots and lots of climbing was the plan for this weekend.
Luckily for me(?), I got to watch most of it.
Matt tried his hardest this weekend in the first Inferno race for the year... it was a tough, technical, mostly singletrack MTB race of 87kms and over 2000m of climbing. He did well and came third!... something that I am very much in awe of considering even one lap of that course could have killed me. :)
Rhino looked so fast and smooth as usual on his Scott bike and came a well-deserved first place.
Then my climbing started today (Monday) in the 'traditional' Australia Day ride up to Mt Nebo. It was lovely weather, with a beautiful clear sky, so lots of riders (road, mtb and motorbikes) turned up. With all the good company around us (from Victor Broncos, Yellow Jersey and HPRW), we climbed faster than usual (by over ten minutes!) and then had an 'easy' ride home back down the mountain (with lots more hills in between).

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