Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well we needed it. SE Qld needed it.
The rain. A whole darn week of it.
It was a great week; just not so good for cyclists. Apparently a lot of bike shops sold a lot of wind trainers last week!
Then the sun came out.
Sunday morning we were greeted to sunshine, and it was beautiful.
Matt and I did a ‘relaxing’ recovery ride (a classic ‘Redcliffe loop’) of about 60kms. I have not seen Brisbane looking so green in such a long time.

A lady bug decided to travel with us for part of the way along the Sandgate foreshore. Don’t know how she managed to hop onto my helmet and hang on for about 5kms (at over 30kph!), but she did. It made us smile, and I took it as a ‘good luck’ sign for the day.
I was nervous on Sunday morning…
I was racing Sunday afternoon.

Racing is fun. But racing can also make me quite anxious. Especially this race.
It was due to be my first ‘attempt’ at women’s A/B grade in the last ten weeks. The last three times I tried to race in this grade last year, I was dropped before the end of the race. I remember my legs burning while watching all the girls powerfully surge away from me. How frustrating.
I relieved my frustration by training harder, and training smarter in the last ten weeks. Ten weeks ago I started with my coach, Anthony. It has been great.

The Daniel Bennett Memorial Race was a fantastic day. Lots of people turned up to support it; and everyone seemed to get something ‘good’ out of the day. Even Cameron Hughes (Grafton-Inverell 2007 winner) turned up in support of it; as did Commonwealth Gold medalist Matthew Hayman. It rained during my race, but it didn’t matter. What mattered to me was that I finished with the bunch. Finally I finished with the other girls.
I still have so far to go, but it is nice to see that the training is ‘working’. I am getting closer to where I want to get with my cycling. It makes me smile. It makes me smile just like the sunshine did on Sunday morning.

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Jimmy Robbie said...

Hi Nat,
Cool blog. Thanks for the encouragement at Inferno. Pass congrats on to Matt for his strong performance. I wanted to introduce my wife to you guys but my kids were getting stroppy so I had to do the bolt.