Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stay positive

Quote from Georgia Gould (Luna womens mtb team) -
"Stay positive even when bad things happen. Some of the races I'm most proud of are not races I've won, but races where I didn't give up when faced with a big challenge."
... probably something I need to remember not only for my cycling, but for my whole life.
I have some new challenges coming up right now in my life, including a new job, and I also want to refocus on my cycling. Being sick for over a month with the flu made my goals all 'fuzzy'... in fact I almost gave up on everything... but my vision is getting clearer again now. My partner helped me understand that I just need to get back on the bike again more, and realise that every day can be a success and be something that I can be proud of, if I have the right attitude.

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