Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grafton to Inverell weekend

What a super weekend (that makes two in a row now for me!)...
great weather, great racing, combined with lots of people working hard to achieve their own cycling goals. For some the goal was a podium place or a KOM/QOM jersey, and for others it was to complete the race.

Too many people to name and congratulate on induvidual performances... but I know of many that did well, and perhaps even exceeded their own expectations. For a few, I know it was a case of 'there is always next year'!

Personally, I had a really solid & fun race, without any cramping issues; and learnt a lot again from racing with the top girls (in the 95k Glen Innes to Inverell race).

On a very sad note, I have heard that only this week, top 24 hour mountain biker & all-round good guy Jeff Toohey was 'cleaned up' by a car while on a training ride, and is currently in ICU with severe head and spinal injuries at RBH. Hopefully you will come through this as smoothly as possible Jeff, best wishes for a quick recovery, we are all thinking of you.

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