Monday, October 5, 2009

Down time

On strict instructions from my coach Cam, I have just had two weeks "off", and have another few weeks of very 'light' bike rides until I am allowed back into full training again.

Some say it is best to have a rest when you are close to peak form, and not once you are fatigued and over-trained, but can I just say that these 2 weeks have been really difficult!

Maybe it was good that in the second week off, I came down with a terrible flu and did not feel tempted to go out 'secretly' on my bike?
Anyway, the few times I have been out, it has been nice to slow things down and take notice of stuff other than heart rate and time!... I have started to notice the blue sky and bay again, and the flowering Jacarandas.

I should appreciate it while it lasts before I go back to efforts and intensity once more, and back into racing.

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