Monday, November 23, 2009

Changing times, random thoughts

Well October and November have been interesting to say the least, and December will probably continue to be so as well. The Jacaranda trees have faded out again, and now the bold red Poinciana trees are the backdrop to my training rides.
My 'normal' veterinary workplace has been busy, with lots of changes (including a few new staff and maybe a big expansion in 2010) and my Saturday workplace (Velo) has also announced some upcoming changes.

I have had to establish a new 'base' of fitness and the strength training is continuing (yes I can ride lots of hills again now!) with some more intensity on the horizon. This time of the year is pretty typical for change; for some reason many people choose to move house during this time of the year just before they 'settle in' for Christmas and New Year; while in the cycling world, teams are busy announcing new sponsors and new rosters.

As an aside, did you know that the women's Colavita cycling team is now co-sponsored by the Italian chocolate brand "Baci"? I think that would be the end of any optimal power-to-weight ratio for me!

Changes are often good (repeat ten times) and they certainly make life interesting... even if I sometimes approach them with a bit of trepidation!

Nationals in Ballarat are still the goal for early next year, but we will see what this next month or so brings. I will make the most of my training opportunities when I can, knowing that things really can change so quickly.

I have had goals before that never quite made it to fruition due to some 'unexpected' changes.

Just recently, one of my work colleagues found out they can no longer continue their favorite hobby due to some chronic injuries, so they have had to take up a completely new sport. While a very good friend of mine already won't be racing in January due to a cycling accident just a few weeks ago.

It does make you realise that you can adapt to change, and for me, it has also emphasised that cycling really is far from being the most important thing in my life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cycling immensely, but yes I could cope if it was taken away. On another note, I found this beautiful photo and caption just recently on Amber Rais's blog...
She writes: "Things for which I am thankful... True Love and bicycles".


Amber said...

Thanks for the link; I'm glad you like it. Hope your training is going well, and best of luck with your goals this year. Thanks for sharing.

nat said...

No worries Amber, thanks for the good luck wishes; hope you have a great 2010 too!