Monday, October 26, 2009

Accepting good advice

It was so hard to let go of the routine of training in the beginning, but now 5 weeks later, I am glad I did. Back into training this week and so looking forward to it. Bit of a shame to be missing some of the early summer criteriums, but that's life, and there's so much more racing ahead that I realise it doesn't really matter in the long term.

As usual, Joe Friel has some timely advice... and I am now really happy I took advantage of my rest period. (and I know Craig B will be nodding his head saying "I told you so" about now too). Without Cameron's guidance I would have definitely gone deep into the overtraining zone.

"You may be feeling a bit guilty about not working out seriously during your downtime. It is understandable because it can be hard to let go of hard-earned fitness. My clients often feel that way. In fact, one of them got carried away with his uncoached transition period and managed to create his second-highest fitness of the year in four-weeks! I've given him a hard time about this because my concern is that he'll wind up mentally and physically wasted and not be able to focus on challenging workouts and high performance when it counts next season. This client is unfortunately on his way to being a 'Christmas Star' - an athlete who performs great during December but fades as the next season comes around. He's made it more difficult - not less - to be in top form on that race day." - Joe Friel

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