Friday, August 20, 2010


Several people I know (who are non-cyclists) asked me during the week how my race went on Sunday.  "Great" I replied.  "So you won then?" was the next question... "Nope" was my reply.  With puzzled faces they then went on to ask why my race was so "great" then...
Not sure I can even explain it properly, but to have been sick with the flu / bronchitis again only 2.5 weeks earlier, and to have disappointed myself with my lack of racing form for much of the year, I thought it was super to have at least one race where I felt good for the entire time... all 120km of it.
And of course that gives me hope for the remainder of the year! (Yes I know, don't count your chickens and all that...)
In other news though, after Simone managed what I would call a spectacular recovery from her crash in northern NSW only weeks earlier, and truly gave it her all to win both Charles Coin and Cunningham Classic in consecutive weekends, she was taken down in another crash in the Geelong Tour.  I am not going to say much about it because there are many opinions already out there on the internet.  However, when I heard the news, all I could think is "why, why, why".  And I'm not sure there really is an answer.

Then just today, I visited the HPRW website to read some more sad news that faithful HPRW club member, racer and commissaire John Madigan was just hit by a car again this week.  I can't remember exactly how many months ago this happened to him last, but he toughed it out to recover from some horrific injuries, to get back to doing what he loves... cycling. 
And now he needs to battle through the rehabilitation process once again.  "Why does this happen?"  Again I don't have an answer, but it does make me more grateful for the health I currently have.


Miff said...

Sometimes there are no answers to the questions. We are merely a witness to the process more often than not. The process being the eb and flow of life. Sigh, not good re Simone and John. Not good.
Being grateful is taking perspective. You have great perspective. ;-)
Very cool to spend some time in a race with you Miss V. Now that I was grateful for ;-)

nat said...

Thanks Miff. Sometimes I struggle without answers even when I know there are none! And yes SO nice to race with you, need to do it again soon.