Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Westerly winds

Just in time for August, the westerly winds are in SE Qld.  After an unusually warm Saturday, you could feel the winds beginning on Sunday at the Charles Coin RR...
right on schedule for the Cunningham Classic RR this weekend.

I like the winds because they remind me of some 'classic' winter family weekend outings with my mother while growing up in Brisbane... including going to the flu-ridden Ekka! 

The crisp clear blue skies at this time of the year, and the ability to see miles and miles into the distance are definitely one of the highlights for me. 

And yes, even though the winds can be nasty as a headwind when travelling south into Brisbane, it also means an awesome tailwind when riding home.

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Miff said...

Yes i too love these big blue yonder days. And a tailwind. If I can.;-X Pretty wintery pictures.....Miff