Friday, December 31, 2010

Nice way to start a New Year

So the 'original' plan was to take a quick trip down to Ballarat in early January to have another racing 'experience' in the heat on the tough Mt Buninyong course. 

However, things that I plan seem to have a habit of transforming themselves into something else...

and in only the last few weeks, this initial plan has changed into travelling down to Victoria a bit earlier, to race for 4 days at "Bay Crits" (the 2011 Jayco Bay Criteriums) as well...

and just today, we will be adding in the Geelong Amy's Ride on Sunday morning too!

Rather than one week off work to do "just" one race, I now get one week off work to do 5 races, watch even more racing, and ride in support of the Amy Gillett Foundation!

Accordingly, if you know what I am like, you know that I am also thinking that this is a great way to start 2011. :)

To any and all of you reading my blog, have a super end to 2010, and I wish you all the best for 2011.
And thanks to Leigh Schilling for some of the above photos.

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Groover said...

Happy New Year, Nat! What a great way to start the year and I wish you many more exciting adventures in 2011, on and off the bike. :-)