Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It has only been a week since the Brisbane River reached its peak and the residents of inner Brisbane were faced with just the start of probably their biggest life-challenging event ever. 

I have been lucky, and am like a fair few Brisbanites who either live on a hill, or live far enough away from the river (north or south) to have escaped its deluge. 

Although the waters have now receeded in Brisbane, the next huge challenge is the clean up...

removing all that river mud, the destroyed belongings and buildings, and then the reconstruction...  getting things 'back to normal'. 

But what is "normal" now for many of these families and businesses? 

And will there ever be a "normal" again? 

Throughout Queensland, and now in many parts of Victoria, many others are also facing (or have already recently faced) the tough task of dealing with rising waters, and then the long cleaning and restoration after this. 

Ironic too, how not very long ago many parts of Australia were in severe drought, and we were concerned about water in short supply.

While this natural disaster and its consequences are distressing and overwhelming at times, it is also rewarding to see so many people assist and support each other throughout this time. 

Australians are naturally strong and resilient. 
And while it will not be easy in the weeks and months and years ahead, our passion, enthusiasm and dedication to helping each other move forward will continue.

"This is about of the rebuilding of lives. I want to make sure each pothole, each home, each life is going to be rebuilt." - Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.

Thanks to Aaron Sparshott, Jon Haysom and Paul Sickling for some of these photos.


Aaron Sparshott said...

Cheers for the shout out. It's crazy to see how the floods remodelled the landscape in such a short period of time. More photos of during and after the floods can be seen at

nat said...

Thanks for allowing me to use some of the photos. The flickr Brisbane Flood photo site is pretty amazing... good that you guys took the time to help capture what happened for all to see & to help remember.