Thursday, May 12, 2011

Autumn shadows

It's only May and already Brisbane is experiencing early morning temperatures of less than 10 degrees! 

I know it's not really that cold, but after a particularly warm April, it is a bit alarming that I am already wearing almost every bit of "winter" clothing when out training this week.  Only two weeks ago, we were still in just jerseys and bike knicks, not even a vest!

On Sunday, we rode with lots of friends to the outer reaches of Logan, but not quite as far as Mt Tambourine... and it was cold enough that many of us wanted to 'shelter' inside a local petrol station during one of our brief rest stops. 

Sandra ( and Alberto ( took some nice 'on the road' photos that day... the one I liked most was her "shadows" photo... (hopefully she'll put it up on her blog)... a line of the shadows our bunch cast in the early morning sun.
That led me to do an internet search later... and yep there is a flickr page dedicated to photos of bike shadows.  :)


Groover said...

Is there? Really? That's funny! The photo is up now... and it was even colder during Friday's Riverloop (8.5C - brrr). :-)

nat said...

Yes it was cold last week! Love your photos Sandra. :)