Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green girls have the Edge

One of the highlights of last weekend's trip to Victoria was seeing how well the new Green Edge teams are racing already. 

Sure, there were a lot of 'expectations' placed upon the new teams in all the races (mens, womens and U23).  But just because you are expected to win, doesn't mean you will. 

Lots of things have to go right on the day, to come away with the gold. 

And the Green Edge teams faced a lot of tough competition... just as an example... in the women's road race, they went up against girls from Jayco-AIS, VIS, Specialized-lulemon, Rabobank, Nutrixxion, SASI, Suzuki-Trek, and many other strong individuals... many of these girls had a good chance of taking the title away from Green Edge.

On a personal note, while my spectating this year at Nationals was award-winning, my own racing performance was definitely not.  A combination of 'not-enough-power' and 'not-the-right-head-space' led to my premature retirement from the race.  Not making any excuses though, I did a solid 3+ months of training and am happy with the preparation up to the day of the race.  One of these I days I still hope to get to finish this race, but it seems that for the meantime, I have a lot more 'living and learning' to do.
Photos thanks to Cycling News / WomensCycling.net.

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