Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raining cats & dogs

South-east Qld is currently being swamped by incredibly heavy rainfalls.

Already last week I was beginning to complain about the rain... but compared to this week, last week was dry!  Training on the bike has been a mixture of outside, and the indoor trainer, but often I have come home saturated, since I took the chance to ride outside.  Sometimes you just have to ignore the radar (and the dark grey clouds above) and just ride.

Our patients in the last few weeks have also arrived soggy and wet. 

So much so, that patients this week have arrived with various improvised rain jackets, umbrellas, and towels!

I know we need the rain, but I think we are all hoping it subsides very soon. 

Especially with the 2011 Brisbane floods still fresh in everyone's minds, let's hope there are no repeats of this event in 2012.
By the way, the phrase "raining cats and dogs" implies very heavy unexpected rain, with dogs representing heavy winds and cats the heavy rain.  Who knew?

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