Tuesday, November 26, 2013

KPCC Novice Women's Tour Week 2 - onwards and upwards

This week the participants learned some more about team tactics and racing, as well as some more individual skills.

Many ladies surprised themselves with their own abilities, 

and realised that you can trust your riding buddies!

The media gallery were also out in force after the glowing feedback from the participants of week 1.

Week 2 also involved a criterium at Nundah, this time with four groups (team red, team blue, team yellow and team pink) of 4-6 riders. 

This was an excellent opportunity to use some recently acquired team-racing skills. 

Quite a few attacks went off the front by various riders, but in the end a team rider from each of blue, pink and red stayed away for the podium spots. 

Unfortunately Kirsty has been teaching the subject of camaraderie and respect a little too well, and the girls decided to cross the line together for equal first place!!!

Next week is the final week of #NWT, this time at Crestmead, with a teams time trial, and then a longer “road race” / kermesse style race.  Thanks again to Kirsty Broun Cycling, Activ Cycle, and Planet Cycles for their involvement, and to Brad Gooda for the photos.

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