Wednesday, December 4, 2013

KPCC Novice Women's Tour Week 3 - like fortifying wine

The last weekend of the KPCC #NWT was held at Crestmead on Sunday (1/12). The teams time trial was held first to assist the reinforcement of team skills learned in the previous two weeks. A short tea break followed, including an informative bike maintenance session held by both Tracey and Bronwyn of Planet Cycles. The modified road race that followed showed lots of assertive racing by the women, with some bold breakaway attempts and good use of team tactics. Again this week, the participants demonstrated what you can achieve by going outside your own comfort zone.

Just like fortified wine, bike racing events should be delicious, memorable experiences. KPCC is endeavouring to take the 'base wine' (ie. women's base interest to ride bikes and to take part in cycling events) and then fortify it with additional 'alcohol' (ie. further skills, knowledge and experiences for women in a safe, supported environment) to develop a truly awesome product that lots of people will talk and reminisce about, and naturally encourage others to try.

To end, I have borrowed an excerpt from the womenscyclingmatters blog about SKCC and last weekend's Tour of Bright...  it pretty much sums up what we should be noticing and encouraging with women's cycling...
"Our clubs and administrators are on board and are shouting from the rooftops about women’s cycling. There are photos of women riding and racing on websites... yes it is just the small things for now but just the same, it is symbolic of change and I am very excited."  

Visit for more motivating projects during 2014.

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