Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aggressive women's racing... good to see!

Round two of Logan Cycling Club's summer criterium series was held on March 16th.
I think this was definitely the most assertive women's race I've been in for quite a while, with numerous attacks off the front.

Although many ladies got a few meters away from the bunch, most of the time they were left hanging out there for just a lap or two, and then reeled in again before the next attack would go.

With two primes, plus the final sprint to contest as well, it made for some tired legs by the end of the race.  Not long after the second prime, Cassie (Specialized Securitor) and Kirsten (KPCC) got away, and with two laps to go, this was looking rather dangerous.

Campos had the numbers in this race, and hence they were forced to get on the front and chase (especially without a team member in the break).

In a very tight finish, Kirsten and Cassie were pretty much caught on the line by the chasing bunch.  Jemma (Holden) demonstrated another awesome sprint to finish first, with Liz (Morningside) and Jane (Campos) incredibly close behind.

Cassie held on for fourth, with myself managing fifth.  I think we're all hoping the rain stays away this weekend for the final round this Sunday.    
Photos from this round by Sean Dench and Pete Dunlop.  Thanks guys!

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