Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saturated Summer Series

Round three of Logan Cycling Club’s summer criterium series was held on March 30th 2014.
With almost one rainy race in this series each year for as long as I can remember, this time the weather held out just until our women’s A race (thanks BOM QLD).

With slightly adverse weather conditions and a wet track, it made the possibility of an early winning break more likely. 
Even before the first prime, Cassie (Specialized Securitor), Jess (Total Rush) and Jane W (Campos) seized the opportunity to get away.  

Some hesitation from the bunch and some soft turns led to the three riders gaining a reasonable lead in a short space of time.  Sally (Ashgrove Cycles) saw early on that this break could be dangerous and committed herself to getting across. 

Now with the breakaway containing four riders, the bunch would need to be working better to get them back.  

The Campos team was then under no pressure to bring back the break, since they had a strong rider represented in it (Jane).  

So it was left to others such as Liz (Riders Morningside), Jemma (Holden) and Rachel (Koiled Tineli) to do lots of work on the front. 

Similar to week 2, the break only just got caught before the finish of the race.  Jess (Total Rush) sensed this early and counterattacked her break companions with about 2 laps to go.  Jess was then out solo for about a lap with the bunch chasing.  Jazzy (Campos) tried to jump across to Jess with about one lap to go, and although she gapped the bunch, she couldn’t quite reach Jess in time.  

Hence Jess soloed to the line for a well deserved win, with Jazzy second and Louise (Campos) winning the bunch kick for third.  Jemma (Holden) finished safely in the bunch to retain her overall lead and win the series for 2014.  Thanks to Pete Dunlop for the photos from this round.

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