Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scenic Rim weekend

Seven must be my lucky number at the moment, because that's where I came over all (again) in this tour...

Road race Saturday morning - a very misty, wet, muddy start for the A grade guys in the hills surrounding Boonah, but thankfully it dried up a bit before our race started. With hills slightly reminiscent of the Ipswich kermese, Simone and Louise put the hurt on the group early and broke away on the first long KOM climb. No excuses, I just simply cannot ride as well as these girls (yet!). Mental note for me: train more! The rest of the race was just one of attacks on the hills and some sitting up on the flats... and I wasn't very smart at the end and I got smashed in the final sprint.

TT Saturday afternoon - not sure what went on in this stage... we had a tailwind and I think I cruised way too much. Crap slow time overall but nice 12km sunset ride back to Mt Alford as a cool down!

Road race Sunday morning - at least I didn't miss the break this time... again Louise and Simone attacked on the longer climb on the circuit, and this split the bunch. Then I made the mistake of doing way too many strong even turns with Simone and Louise and 'toasted' myself... everything was fine until the sprint lap... it was my undoing, and I couldn't get back on after this. Oh well. Now I had the bunch chasing me for the last 20km of the race! I knew they would be faster than me by myself, but hopefully I would be able to stay away until the finish... and I did -but only just! Angeline tried her best to chase me down in the final sprint but I managed to hold onto 3rd place. Good fun race. When's the next one?

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