Monday, July 6, 2009

What a bike!... thanks Velo!!!

As I have said before, I am not a bike reviewer but after just a few rides on my new Time Edge Pulse, I can say that I am very impressed!...

But I haven't ridden another dozen carbon fibre bikes, so maybe I am biased? All the same, it rides exceptionally. Infact I just can't think of how it could be any better.

There is something uncanny about its ability to float up climbs and over rough roads. The carbon frame is stiff and light, but somehow shock-absorbing too. Our 185km ride on sunday proved to me its reported "all-day comfort and performance". And it steers so nicely with such precision and balance, and is amazingly stable at all speeds... I felt like I descended Mt Mee at twice the speed I normally would!

Riding was already excellent in the past, but it this has just put everything another level up again!
(and before you ask... 3T carbon bars and stem; bontrager carbon seat post; Ultegra groupset & Fulcrum 5 training wheels).

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